Georgia Sports Park Ever Forward - update on building progress

Georgia Sports Park Ever Forward - update on building progress

        The Excitement of Sports and Community 

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   Georgia Sports Park Ever Forward



To meet the needs of the community and the mission of the Georgia Sports Park, GSP has designed and will construct a multi-purpose, Pavilion / Classroom Building and add two additional playing fields as well as update the signage throughout the Park. The total project cost of these combined projects is $1.95M.






Pavilion and Classroom Building

The pavilion will be a 6,000-square foot sustainable building to provide the entire park with a

classroom, restrooms and shower facilities, a concession stand, office space and storage.

This new multi-purpose building will provide a safer and more enjoyable visitor experience at

our Park while making it possible for us to provide a wider range of services and programs. 

The classroom will enhance the educational program opportunities being offered at the Park by allowing us to offer suitable indoor space to youth groups in the community. 

The Pavilion / Classroom Building will play a significant role in the future success of GSP by enhancing the appeal of the park. We will better service our current tenants and drawing in new tenants to help support the future maintenance of the park.

A porch around the building will contribute to a safe environment for our participants and other visitors by providing much needed shelter and safety during hot sunny days as well during inclement weather. 

The addition of on-site office space will allow our staff to have visual access to the entire park, allowing them to respond quickly to potential safety issues and more efficiently manage the day to day operations of the park.

We are also working with the City of East Point and South Fulton for their use of the complex. The City of East Point will conduct a recreation program for youth that do not have other after-school alternatives. 


The added fields will provide additional capacity to meet increased demand for recreational

green-space. Over the last three years, we have been unable to meet the increased requests for field space. The added fields will expand our ability to meet the needs of the community.

By creating effective partnerships, we can afford to donate more field and classroom space to other non-profit community-based organizations, particularly those providing for the underserved youth in this area. 

Sustainability and the Environment


Our focus does not begin and end with sports, and we are passionate about the creation of a

sustainable environment for our community.  

The Pavilion / Classroom Building will be a highly sustainable building consistent with our Park’s sustainability mission: being responsible to the environment by reaching for a net zero energy facility by incorporating solar photovoltaic power and thermal systems, contributing in every way possible to regenerate rather than deplete our natural resources. 

Our enthusiasm for sustainability began in 2008 when GSP was inducted as a Champion Level in the previous Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia to honor our commitment and proven engagement in sustainability practices. Although that program ended, our efforts to be a leader in environmental sustainability continues as GSP strives to set the example for other athletic parks and community facilities.

We have received a $100,000 grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta’s Grants to Green funding program to add energy efficient lighting fixtures and water saving mechanisms.

The park already draws in people from many different backgrounds, giving GSP the ability to generate more public support and awareness about the environment and importance of sustainability. It is our plan to instill positive environmental practices into our youth development programs year-round at the park and in the after-school programs conducted through our non-profit partners.

Our future plans for delivering on our social responsibility for the environment will focus on increasing visitor awareness of our sustainability success; improving on our environmental approach of maintaining our property and constructing a cross country / nature walking trail. Our objective is to be one of the “greenest” facilities of this type in the metro Atlanta area.   


Investment in Sports and the Community


Georgia Sports Park prides itself in providing a first-class facility to a community that

otherwise would have limited recreational green space. The completion of this Pavilion /

Classroom Building will make it possible for Georgia Sports Park to serve a greater number of

youth and provide a wider range of programs to meet both the immediate and future needs

of the community. 

Ever Forward Partners

We have seen an outpouring of support from the local since GSP opened. The concept and implementation has been widely supported by individuals, corporations, and foundations throughout Georgia.


Georgia Sports Park Ever Forward Partners

City of East Point

Concorde Fire Soccer Club

Atlanta Flying Disk Club



We also want to recognize the Parks long term partners.

The original construction of the park, programs, and further improvements have been supported through grants from The Woodruff Foundation, Tenet Healthcare, The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, Trees Atlanta, and The Pittulloch Foundation as well as the GSP, CFSC and AFDC boards. Other support has come from local businesses, including hotels, healthcare providers and restaurants.