Park Plans and Future Development

The Georgia Soccer Development Foundation, owner and operator of the Georgia Sports Park (GSP), is a non-profit public charity organization striving to provide a world-class facility for the youth and adults usage in the community.  GSP has central goals, to act as a sports hub for the hundreds of thousands of children and adults in Georgia who need a place to play their sports, simultaneously having a desire to reach out to the community by improving the economy in a historically disadvantaged area. Creating and providing the Georgia Sports Park offers a different pathway for the community. 

The Park opened in September of 2007 and has been serving organizations in the Local Community, the Metro Atlanta Area, the State of Georgia, the Southeast Region, as well as some National programs.  The park has become home to over 25 annual tenant organizations, representing a multitude of different cultures,  and several non-profit programs. The number of visitors continues to expand and the park hosts as many as 7,000 visitors each week.  The park prides itself on its high quality natural turf fields and beautiful green space, and the tenants love the sand amended fields and family friendly atmosphere at the park.  For 2012, GSP already has 37 weekend tournaments and special events planned, not to mention the weekly tenant leagues and after school weekday programs.

GSP currently has 6 international size (120 X 80 yard) fields and has already purchased all the necessary land to expand into the premier sports complex in the Southeast and one of the favorite places to host a sports event in the entire nation.  With your help, the entire project will consist of 16 world-class fields, 2 Athletic Centers, and a cross-country/walking trail.  One building will also have a study hall for after-school programs to use, including organizations that specifically help mentally and physically challenged youth.  At completion, it will be the largest sports park in Metro Atlanta and among the largest in the Southeast, conveniently located less than 10 minutes from the Atlanta Airport, with all the amenities of the Camp Creek Marketplace.

GSP operations, maintenance, scheduling and financials are the responsibility of one employee, the Executive Director (AKA Park Manager), who answers directly to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  The Board consists of several local philanthropists and three anchor tenants from Metro Atlanta that act as partners; the Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League, the Atlanta Flying Disc Club, and Concorde Fire Youth Soccer, who was the original anchor tenant.  We are seeking additional philanthropists, partners and sponsors in order to complete the development of the park. 

Please help spread the word to any companies or individuals you know who might be interested in supporting the park.  As a sponsor of GSP, you will not only be giving back to your community, but you will also have the opportunity for exposure of your business to our park users throughout the year, at our fields every week, and on our website,, which averages 2100 page views each month.  The park, currently brings in around 2000-4,000 players, parents, fans, coaches and referees, each week, all of which will see your company being advertised as a contributor to the parks success.  Apart from being able to provide space for all of these sports organizations, the park is also already having a huge economic impact on East Point and South Fulton community, as well as the entire State of Georgia.  As our park grows, with your help, so will our ability to give back to the people and the businesses in our community by helping to bring more people to the South Fulton area.  When the park is fully developed the economic impact to the area will be unparalleled.

We value our sponsors and make a great effort to promote and recognize those businesses and organizations that support us and our mission.  Please consider joining us as a sponsor. The sponsorship levels outlined in the attachment are tailored to meet the needs of your organization and our goal is to maximize your exposure to all of our participants. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Georgia Sports Park

Classroom Building

GSP has raied  funds necessary to construct a multipurpose classroom building at the park.  This building will have a 50 seat classroom for a variety of educational programs, including after-school programs for youth sports, education programs, courses for coaches/officials, community meeting space, and this main room will double as a study-hall for students when not in use.  The building will also have all the other amenities desired at a park facility, including changing rooms (showers), a concessions and vending area, along with the park manager's office.