Brief History

Park History

Georgia Sports Park is the culmination of 10+ years of work in conjunction with the Atlanta Concorde Fire Soccer Club (CFSC) and Atlanta Flying Disc Club (AFDC). Based on the growing need for an outdoor sports complex in the Metro Atlanta area, the idea for GSP began in 1996 with a goal of providing more field space for youth soccer and other local and city-wide sports programs. Utilizing $400,000 in seed money generated through proceeds from the 1996 Olympics that had been set aside for soccer, land assemblage for GSP began in 1999 with the acquisition of 37 acres. CFSC then purchased 72 adjacent acres, and the two organizations combined efforts to develop Georgia Sports Park. Georgia Sports Park opened in 2007 with five fields, and a sixth field was opened in September 2010 to keep up with demand for field space in the community. The total site currently consists of 98 acres with six athletic fields and parking.  

Since its opening the Park has served organizations in the Local Community, the Metro Atlanta Area, the State of Georgia, the Southeast Region, as well as some National programs.  The park has become home to over 25 annual tenant organizations, representing a multitude of different cultures, several non-profit programs as well as numerous other sports tournaments and events. The number of visitors continues to expand and the park hosts as many as 7,000 visitors each week.  

The park prides itself on its high quality natural turf fields and beautiful green space, and the tenants love the sand amended fields and family friendly atmosphere at the park.  GSP currently has 6 international size (120 X 80 yard) fields and will be constructing two new fields and has land to continue to expand. GSP already is considered the premier sports complex in the Southeast and one of the favorite places to host a sports event in the entire nation. 

In 2018, the Foundation launched a capital campaign, Georgia Sports Parks Ever Forward, to raise $1,950,000 to build an educational/sports pavilion and two addition fields. (For more information and to see how you can become involved see our campaign tab). With your help, the Park will one-day consist of 16 world-class fields, 2 Athletic Centers, and a cross-country/walking trail.  The Pavilion under development will include a study hall for after-school programs to use, including organizations that specifically help mentally and physically challenged youth.  At completion, GSP will be the largest sports park in Metro Atlanta and among the largest in the Southeast, conveniently located less than 10 minutes from the Atlanta Airport, with all the amenities of the Camp Creek Marketplace.